Oil pastels

Some of these are studies for paintings, others are complete in themselves.

Sennen Cove series







Creeping like snail Unwillingly to school          

Fifty six graves on Sloping ground                             


Schubert Op. 471                             

All souls give joy                                 


With Care                                       

Antony and Hazel Wood, publisher of Angel Classics and co-editor of Slightly Foxed    April 2017

This was a family commission for Ant’s 80th birthday. I felt we couldn’t show one without the other so it had to be a duo.They came to Marlborough for the sittings and we decided to do it in oil pastel rather than oil paint, to speed things up which it did a bit. 

Ant’s pile shows one of the latest, the first, and the largest of his Angel Classics publications. His ever present manuscript encroaches symbolically upon Haze’s hand. Always meticulous,  he worked hard to keep the pose.

The quarterly Slightly Foxed is shown as Haze’s pile of four copies. On the wall behind her is

a poster of the first edition. Haze wears her trademark spots, and her enigmatic smile was almost unbroken for one whole sitting.