Exhibition comments


‘A show of paintings and pastels dedicated to the staff at

McDonald’s and all the people of Swindon observes the ordinary

interactions of our daily lives. There is something very loving

about painting people in such ordinary circumstances.’

Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times

Paintings exploring social patterns and daily rituals.

Guardian Guide

‘This is an important collection: one of the very few genuine

reflections of contemporary life in the UK that I have seen.

The themes of the work seem to share those of yoga: essence

and form, stillness and movement, difference and

interconnection. Each work is like a performance in itself. ‘

Emily Brett, Hackney Yoga Project

‘Gorgeous: strong and so alive’

Sue Gee, writer

‘Human insight, wit, tenderness, lovely handling of paint –

a tour de force.’

Professor Oliver Ramsbotham

‘Wonderful work, brings back many memories of my last

eleven years as owner of this restaurant.’

Paul Booth, McDonald’s, Swindon

‘Seeing all these paintings together, after watching them come

to life over the years is quite overwhelming, both visually

and emotionally. The seriousness and humour of your work

say so much about your loving approach to people.’

Hazel Wood, Slightly Foxed

‘A great body of work: thought provoking and inspiring.’

Delia Price

‘A really stimulating exhibition showing how full of life

Swindon is, and your love of life and people.’

Win Aldous

‘Wonderful as pictures and wonderful as depictions of a

town and all its people.’

Jack Mallinson

‘They capture the essence of our time for future generations.’

Barbara and Bob Townsend

‘Very different and exquisite painting.’

  1. T.Karcher

‘The colourfulness of the ordinary and everyday –

a dazzling insight into ourselves.’

Roger and Margaret Ellis

‘What real people. They feel very familiar.’

Jane Andrews

‘Every line and every colour indicates a significance of character.’

Peter and Joan Bowie

‘It looks as though you could press ‘play’ and they would

all continue with their day.’

Bella Hitchcock

‘What a beautiful journey through the years. Thank you for

representing the McDonald’s for Everyone so exquisitely.’

Michele Ryan, McDonald’s Human Resources UK

‘Such simplicity, yet such detail.’

Matt Wilson

‘Some very fine drawing indeed.’

Ian Stephens

‘I love Beginning of the Day. I feel you captured the movement

brilliantly. It feels very alive. Beautifully done.’

Brian Morales

‘Really impressive, sensitively observed, existential feel.

I shall continue thinking about it.’

Sue Woodward

‘Some wonderful compositions...colour, tone, drawing

and atmosphere are memorable.’

Jenny West

‘Brilliant, eye-opening observation. Made my day.’

Diana Edwards

‘Very moving. I’m glad I came.’

Mandy O’Keefe

‘Absolutely love your work: I see cultural diversity and

the beauty of human beings in fast food restaurants.’

Ming Sootsuwan

‘Thank you for a marvellous show...also the feeling

of a woman’s touch.’

Brigitte Norland

‘Your dedication brought a tear to my eye – I thought

I was alone in praising Swindon from SN8.’

Ellen Proctor

‘This is a unique portrayal of a whole period, of people in our

time, with whom we have been, as and where you show them,

and you have made them live for ever.’

Antony Guthrie